Beer Making 101 Class

Master brewer Jason Kirkman schools us on the art of crafting an everyday IPA at home using only four simple ingredients: water, malt, hops, yeast. Check out our trailer for a little taste of what you will learn in the class, and be sure to explore the class materials and elements below.

Class Overview

Grab your kit and join master brewer Jason Kirkman as he guides us through the art of craft brewing. From the four basics ingredients needed to brew, to the tricks to getting the flavor profile you want out of your beer, all the way through to bottling and cheersing, you’ll graduate from Jason’s class with a gallon of beer to call your own, plus all the tools needed to do it all again... and again... and again...

Class includes:

- More than 22 lectures and 1.5 hours of content - all on-demand. Watch it in your own time at home!
- 13 gorgeous videos filled with information and demonstration by a master home brewer
- Downloadable information, checklists, history and easy-to-follow instructions to use during the brewing process
- Access to master brewer and instructor Jason Kirkman to answer questions
- Specialized recipes created just for you to use for your next batch of brew

Kit includes:

- Ingredients to brew 1 gallon of IPA - crushed malt, pelletized hops, yeast packet. (You will need to provide water and a tbls of honey.)
- Step-by-step instructions, 1-gallon glass fermenter, 3-piece chambered airlock, screw-top stopper, thermometer, tubing clamp, racking cane and sanitizer.
- Each mix produces approx. 1 gallon of beer.
- Additional required equipment includes 2 stockpots, strainer, funnel, beer bottles and caps.
- By Brooklyn Brew Shop; made in the USA.

Note: we recommend you also purchase the Brooklyn Brewshop kit along with Old School's Beer Making 101 class to walk you through every step of the brewing process.